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Introducing Anne and Sophie

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Our lovely teachers are here to make learning French fun and an enjoyable journey. Let's meet a different side to them!

Meet Anne...

Favourite book: La Nuit des Temps by Barjavel

Favourite flavour of crisps: Don't actually like crisps. Now if you asked about chocolate...

Silliest thing you've ever done?: I actually sent a steak back to the kitchen because it was overcooked and asked them to cook it a little less!

Best thing about living in the UK?: Proper cups of tea, none of that Lipton tea and UHT milk!

Things I miss about France: How much time do you have?! In reality my family and fresh bread.

Favourite French words: Libellule, barbapapa, globule and maman.

Slight obsessions: Planners! I have planners for every aspect of my life! But I like to call them a collection rather than an obsession. Marmite - hate it!

Best thing about being a teacher: Long holidays! Only kidding. I love being a teacher because I love adventures. I love to meet people and be part of their journey. My students make me laugh every day and I feel privileged I can do the job I dreamt about when I was a little girl.

Meet Sophie...

Favourite book: Un Sac de Billes by Joseph Joffo

Favourite flavour of crisps: I prefer cakes and a little aperitif!

Best thing about living in the UK?: Sunday roast, the garden centres and a traditional afternoon tea.

Things I miss about France: My family, some proper mountains and sirop de menthe!

Favourite French words: Saperlipopette, sacre bleu and zut!

Slight obsessions: Baking cakes for the kids and weirdly hoovering!!!

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