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Les petits


Preschool children and their carers.

30-minute class

£6.00 per child

This a fast-moving, fun class that will captivate your toddler’s attention and imagination.

Each class is specifically designed to develop your child’s early communication skills.  Toddlers’ lack of self-consciousness and their enthusiasm for things that are new enable them to pick up languages and mimic sounds better and quicker than any other student.

Course content: By the end of this stage, most children are able to count and remember a good number of words and expressions useful in everyday conversations. They can also ask for a biscuit or a sticker themselves!

Typical themes include colours, numbers, farm animals, transport, clothes, body, house and weather.

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''My daughter has so much fun at Fun Francais and learns in a way that is fun and meaningful for her. It’s such a lovely relaxed atmosphere and she looks forward to the class every week.’'  Sam

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