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Les Ados


Year 7-10 ( 11-15 years)

45 minute class

£8.00 per child

This is an exciting and entertaining class that will enhance your teenager’s feeling of self-worth and bolster up their language skills for school.

Each 45-minute class is specifically designed to encourage confidence and progress. Because we don’t have to stick to a prescribed curriculum and our classes are so small, each lesson can follow the imagination and natural curiosity of the pupils. Our teenage students often tell us that we make learning a language exciting and enjoyable.

Course content: We follow the curriculum by looking at personal information, local area, sports, school, holidays and routine so that the children feel confident at school. We are also very lucky to be able to spend more time on subjects that they enjoy, making learning entertaining, even when there is grammar involved! And that’s a challenge!


And of course, teenagers still like their biscuit at the end of the class, because you are never too old for treats!

FF biscuits ados@3x-8.png

"I love French. It has made me want to take GCSE in French. Our group is really fun and we don't even realise we're learning." Hazel, aged 12

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