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Les Adultes


Beginners, intermediate and advanced classes available

1-hour group lesson

£10 per student

These are informal and relaxed classes that will help you communicate confidently in everyday situations and are designed for students who enjoy learning alongside others who are at the same level.

These 1-hour group lessons are designed around practical situations. The focus is placed on a conversation using the communicative approach and mostly targets speaking and listening. 

We offer different levels, whether you are a real beginner or are aspiring to become an international spy (Although we have never met anyone who wanted to - yet!).

And if you attend these classes you get homemade cake and a hot drink!


FF biscuits adultes 2@3x-8.png

"French lessons with Anne are a great way to learn a new language while also having lots of fun and meeting new people. And the biscuits and cakes are worth the price alone!” Chris

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