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Les grands


Key stage 1 (5-7) and Key stage 2 (8-10)  - children only


30 minute class

£6.00 per child

This is by far our most popular group.

This is an engaging, interactive, fun class that will boost your child’s confidence and give them a head start when they approach languages in secondary school.

Each 45 minute class is specifically designed to plant a seed of inquisitiveness that will encourage your child to explore and grow. Our very small classes allow us to give each child individual attention and a chance to speak and listen.


Academic progress happens very quickly at this age and we also encourage children’s natural curiosity in other cultures and try our best to expand their horizons.

Course Content: By the end of this stage most children are able to introduce themselves and ask questions to others. They are often confident to order items and generally happy to repeat and construct longer sentences. We also slowly introduce writing and reading when we feel that they are ready. They are now very proficient at asking for a biscuit and using the appropriate please and thank you!

Typical themes include families, hobbies, school, jobs, animals, transports, our town, the body and festivals.

"George has flouished with his lessons with Sophie. He enjoys the classes and we can see the results when we go to family annually if France.  Sophie has a great raport with her students and in my sons words she is strict when she needs to be and is clever and nice."  Jane

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