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Infant & Junior Schools

£9.00 per class 

These weekly extra-curricular language classes are specifically designed to engage young and curious minds.


Our methodology is based on learning in an enjoyable, interactive and inclusive way. For these reasons, we generally run classes with ten children maximum so that we can give individual attention and opportunities to all our students.

In these classes we study a different theme every week. This method allows children to quickly develop linguistic skills, but also satisfies children’s natural curiosity in other cultures and gently expand their horizons.


We can guarantee that these classes will boost children’s confidence and give them a head start in the world of languages.

We can offer lunch time classes and after school clubs depending on your preferences. We provide all the registration forms and deal with payments and inquiries.


We bring our own equipment and all our teachers are DBS checked. All we need is a small classroom or a quiet corner in your library.

If are looking for high quality French or Spanish classes, please get in touch and we can discuss your specific requirements.

"We can’t recommend Fun Francais enough. The children at Tweseldown Infant School love each and every lesson. Anne and the team make every lesson fun, engaging and hands-on ensuring every learner makes progress. The lessons are sequenced to ensure the children build on their precious knowledge and acquire new skills and knowledge quickly and fluently. Parents love Fun Francais too. The team is well organised and keeps parents updated on a regular basis on children’s learning, next steps and of course billing information".

Mrs Kim Tottem, head at Tweseldown infant school


"We can't recommend Fun Francais enough. The children at Twelsedown Infant School love each and every lesson" Mrs Kim Tottem Head Teacher at Tweseldown Infants

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