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Private Lessons


These are completely flexible classes designed to meet your needs and objectives.

 £35 for an hour.

We normally offer the choice of face-to-face or online private lessons but in the current circumstances, we are only able to offer online lessons via Skype or Zoom until further notice.


These classes, with an experienced native tutor will allow you to follow a plan that is tailored to your personal needs.


Whether you are starting your learning journey or would like to improve your French to go on holidays, maybe your partner speaks French or you need to revise before an exam, we can help.

You decide on how often we 'meet'. We are very flexible and can schedule lessons between 9.00 AM and 09.00 PM (don’t worry we do stop for lunch!).


For private lessons please contact us and we can chat about your needs and schedule an appointment that suits.

You can pay by bank transfer for one or a block of lessons.

If you would like to book a  free 15 minute lesson please get in touch.

"We are loving the e-learning and Will is enjoying all of the challenges" Peta

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