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Joyeux Noel

I can't believe we are fast approaching Christmas.

This term has been a whirlwind of work, new encounters and discoveries.

One of the highlights has to be The Language Show which was meant to happen in London but was rescheduled to be virtually instead. I decided to move into the caravan to pretend I was still going away and to be able to enjoy all the seminars without being disturbed! This was the idea anyway but kids quickly realized I was only at the end of the drive and that was the end of my weekend away! Still, I learnt so much in the space of a weekend; I then spent the rest of the term trying to create new resources using my new found knowledge.

This term we have also had the chance to work in some nurseries for real! It was so lovely to see little people face to face again. I actually really enjoy online teaching but there is nothing like being WITH people. We had to adjust, of course, and gone are the days of passing our magic bag around but, it works, and children loved it. I am not even sure they were aware of the new restrictions in place!

But with Christmas approaching, lessons are now nearly finished. Only a couple more private tuitions and we can start the celebrations. The new timetable is ready and all group lessons will start again on the 11th January. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need any help or check our Facebook page if you are feeling any withdrawal symptoms!

Soon, I will be polishing my shoes, ready to put under the Christmas tree and looking at galette recipes for the 6th January, our Kings day celebrations.

But before I go, let me send you warm wishes. Have a peaceful and meaningful Christmas. Stay safe, and see you in the new year!


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