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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Back in January, as I was searching the web for inspiration for my new website, I came across a language club in Brittany run by a lady called Margot.

As I started reading about the lessons Margot offered and the way she taught, I knew I had to contact her. We seemed to share the same passion, use the same books, include the same activities, gardening, cooking. Our sensory, and interactive approaches seemed so similar, I thought I was reading a description on my own vision.

So I decided to write to her. At first I wasn't really sure why I was writing, other than to say hello and something in the lines of "I really like the way you teach!"

But then I realized I had met someone special and the idea came that we should work together.

Margot teaches English in France, Sophie and I teach French in England. It was perfect! We could work together, share ideas and our students would gain experience and opportunities to communicate with students in the language they are learning.

And, Margot lives only ten minute away from my dad in Brittany, so I am going to visit her next week. I am so excited!

Petit à petit on devient moins petit.

So until I come back, and tell you all about it, why don't you go and visit her website and say hello!

A bientôt.

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