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A huge thank you!

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Well, we have done it and it is thank's to you! And, it has been a huge success!

We have managed to move all our lessons onto Zoom and been able to continue to offer interactive and fun lessons online.

Sophie and I spent hours trying to become IT geniuses and believe me, this was no small task for me! I am known in the family, as the person who only has to walk in front of a computer for it to break down. And Sophie will tell you that I am forever calling her asking " how do I do this?"

But thank's to your patience and support, we got there eventually and I am pleased to say, we are both enjoying our new routine. We have had to come up with new ideas, and ways of teaching to keep all our students entertained as well as focused and motivated. But, somehow it is working.

It is lovely to still be able to see the smiles and happy faces of our students. Amazingly, offering more online lessons has also made it possible for us to meet new students and make new friends along the way. I think that most people will agree, weekly virtual lessons have made our lives a little less lonely and more cheerful.

But there is no better proof than your kind words of reassurance.

So again, a HUGE thank you to you all for having faith in us and encouraging us along the way.

I leave you with some of your testimonies.

Take care, stay safe, stay home.

Anne and Sophie.

“Thank you! The kids have really enjoyed their French lesson today.” Erin

"The children enjoyed the lesson and I was listening to some of it too and found it very well constructed. (I don’t speak French but learnt few words during last years while children were having lessons!) "Ewa

"Thank you so much for the session, the girls really enjoyed it. In my view the session went really well, I think that you used a lot of French which is really beneficial to the children and it was quite clear and simple so the children could understand the questions you were asking. We are looking forward to next week". Sarah

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed our lesson on Monday. Thank you!" Jill, U3A student

"Many thanks for yesterday evening, it went really quickly and was really enjoyable". Matt, Adult group lesson

"The children really enjoyed the lesson on Monday and would like to continue. Strange having a class on Zoom but it seemed to work well! "Erin

"Well done on your first day of Zoom lessons:-) I thought it went really well and the children all engaged nicely. My son was delighted with his virtual sticker so that was definitely a good idea! "Vicky

Well done Anne & Sophie. First 'Zoom' French class done today. It sounded fun, and I could even hear some French being spoken (never usually hear it when we are camped outside!). Just wanted to say keep up the good work". Helen

"Definitely, well done ladies, you're doing a great job"👏Sharon

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